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Dear Neighbors,

The votes were cast and the results are in.  I am honored to have received 72% of the votes cast in February 2011’s aldermanic election. I appreciate the confidence you have vested in me, and I will continue to work hard to earn your support.

My opponent and I engaged in a vigorous and robust debate over the issues.  I congratulate him and his supporters for their well-run campaign and invite them to join me in our common goal of building a safe and prosperous neighborhood and city.  As I said throughout the campaign, our neighborhood is stronger working together, and though we may occasionally disagree on the means to achieve that goal, we should never let those disagreements become personal and irreconcilable.

I also congratulate our new mayor, Rahm Emanuel.  He and the new City Council will lead a city faced with monumental challenges, but I truly believe we are up to the task.  Our city is also stronger working together, and I will work together with Mayor Emanuel and my City Council colleagues to take on these challenges and make sure that Chicago becomes a city that works for everyone.

Thank you for honoring me with another four years.


Joe Moore

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